A Note from the Instructor

Welcome to the Graduate Capstone Course in the Thomas Lord MEMS Department at Duke University. You’re invited to review our website, explore the many projects our students have been undertaking, and take advantage of all the resources here for your personal growth. Watch the video below to learn more about my academic interests and the projects I’d like to continue at Duke.

Project Motivation, Needs, and Goals

…identified a need to improve student skills in…

design, fabrication, and assembly of electromechanical systems

this sequence of projects allows any user of this website to learn about: x, y, and z

aspirational narrative is included here

Learning Objectives

The following projects were developed during the Spring 2021 semester to support the learning of….These modules consisted of tasks that would develop student skills in…  These projects were divided into three parts, as follows…in subsequent years, the vision of these learning objectives will involve ….

talk more about concrete student outcomes here, even in the aspirational modules

after the student completes all these modules s/he will be able to perform x, y, and z tasks and have these tools in their toolkit.

Project Vision and Narrative

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