The MEMS MS Capstone at Duke University

Bo Anderson

M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
Duke University
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

B.S. in Computer Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Minors - Mathematics; Human-Computer Interaction

Hello there, and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Bo Anderson, and I am a first-year Master of Engineering candidate studying Mechanical Engineering.  I value the importance of a coherent intersection between technical information and project management. With a concentration in Autonomous, Intelligent Systems and Machines, my current interests include robotics and system integration. With great collaboration and communication skills, I strive to always challenge myself and adapt to new topics and information.

Current Projects

Drone Swarm: Search & Rescue

  • In “Experimental Design and Research Methods” capstone class, conducting semester-long research project on drone swarms and their applications for disaster search and rescue missions (earthquake, fire, hurricanes)
  •  Using Crazyflie drone client and ESP32-CAM module (manually attached to drone) to combine real-time computer vision and geo-tracking.
  • A link to the project portfoilio can be found HERE to learn more about the breakdown of tasks and full system integration.
Drone Swarm: Search and Rescue

Robotic "Bartender"

Please refer the the following link to find our team project portfolio!

Previous Work

Technical Writing Final Research Project
(April 2022) - Washington U.

Digital Systems Laboratory: Audio Equalizer with FPGA Board
(Sept. - Dec. 2021) - Washington U.

Over the course of the fall 2021 semester, the professor guided students through the process of integrating a 13-band, 2-channel FIR Filter, an ADC, and a DAC into an FPGA board’s MicroBlaze micro controller.

By gaining a better understanding of how computer architecture, programming, and testing apply to real-world discoveries, this lab class provided great skills for future management projects and technical work.