An Open-Source, Autonomous Systems Learning Platform

The following project was performed during the Spring 2021 semester as a parallel effort to the Experiment Design and Research Methods course.

The objectives of this project were to adapt an already existing autonomous vehicle platform for continued use in this course for advanced studies.  The objectives were as follows:

  1. provide activities to develop 3D printing skills,
  2. develop a test platform for electronics circuit design with multiple sensors types,
  3. engage students in simulation-based robot operating system path planning, and
  4.  immerse students in an introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The project was intended to be low-cost and accessible broadly such that courses using this platform could be offered globally and asynchronously.

Master of Science Project Poster

Poster Presentation for Project Defense

About the Author

Hi, I’m Andy Bae.¬† You may remember me from my guitar string project with Bo Zeng in Spring 2020.

I performed my master of science project during the Spring 2021 semester and am excited to share it with you here.

Feel free to connect with me at the link below if you are interested in learning more about what I did.