Energy Club

Meet the Cabinet

 Tejas Patel(President), Alfred Indome


The mission of the Energy Club is to expose students to today’s challenges related to energy and to begin thinking of how to make the world more sustainable.

We collaborate with companies in the renewable energy space through pro-bono consulting projects. providing students with consulting. Seminar and energy lunches are held throughout the semester, where seasoned professionals from energy space talk about their projects and experiences in the energy space.

The energy club was formed three years ago and has been growing since then. Sustainable energy is the future and the energy club is helping students to ponder about that future. 


Current Projects:

Portland General Electric(PGE) – Distribution Pole Charging for Electric Vehicle(EV)
Team Members
Shreenishkala Sundar Raman, Ravi Kiran Reddy Gudipally, Ayush Jithin, Justin Yang and Emma Fleishman

Portland General Electric Company is an electric utility that is engaged in the wholesale purchase, transmission, distribution and retail sale of electricity in the State of Oregon. Its service area allocation of approximately 4,000 square miles is located entirely within Oregon and includes approximately 51 incorporated cities, of which Portland and Salem.

The global electric vehicle charging system market was estimated at $3.18 billion in 2018 and is expected to hit $66.27 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 45.6% during the estimated period.

Electric vehicles are becoming a mainstay on our Oregon roads. They’re no longer for the future — they’re for today. As the EV market continues to grow, Oregonians will have more access to affordable, wide-ranging options, as well as charging infrastructure so you can charge up where you want, when you want. To achieve this PGE would like to investigate the distributed charging stations.


Nikola PowerFormulating a strategy for Nikola Power
Team Members: Tushnik Goswami, Jasmine Verma, Brendon Lobo, Maggie Pan, Jonas Meksem, Gabriel Debs and Nate Cole

With over 30 years of combined clean energy experience, the Nikola Power understands the challenges of project development. Our software platform limits complexity, reduces risk, and enables project developers to make solar + storage projects from development to deployment. We believe a 100% renewable energy-powered world is possible. Nikola Power is committed to making that vision a reality by creating a purpose-driven business for social good.

Energy storage is a maturing industry with a strong application potential in the commercial segment. As a function of this, the Nikola Power team would like to understand how their products can provide value to different market segments.


Sovereign Energy Strategy for Charging Station for Electric Vehicle(EV)
Team Members: Mihir Kaushik, Sagar Sen, Bhuvan Aggarwal, Maggie Pan and Jonas Meksem

Sovereign Energy is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station development company. The company operates in three business segments; residential level 2 installations, workplace level 2 installations and commercial level 2 & 3 installations.

With the demand for EV raising in the consumer market industry, the need for a seamless environment for consumers to use EV also increases. For instance, in the case of charging stations, users require charging stations to be located in key locations to allow for a continuous commute.

As adoption continues to increase, EV stock data (the number of EVs on the road) is becoming more important than new EV sales data. Sovereign Energy would like to develop a process to analyze the stock of EVs in a specific geographic area.