MEM Program Development Committee

Meet the team!

Meet the team!    


“Duke University’s Masters of Engineering Management Program Development Committee (MEMPDC) is currently composed of the Professional and Activity Clubs. The former aim to help the MEM students advance and practice their skills for a successful career going forward, while the latter strive to make your Duke experience within the program as fulfilling as possible.

– Yagnya Aditya Ganti
President MEMPDC

“The consulting club’s mission is to promote interest in consulting industry and assist graduate students in developing the skill set necessary to transition into a successful consulting career.”

– Sushobhan Verma
President, Consulting Club

“Product Management club is a community that strives to build tomorrow’s Product leaders.  The club’s main motive is to create a safe space and foster collaborative growth spanning across various product development stages.”

– Anirudha V Bharadwaj
President, Product Management Club

“Finance is an area that all incoming MEM students look to focus on to develop their expertise in, at both a personal and professional level. As such, the mission for Finance club for this semester revolves around the idea of financial literacy.”

– Rishab Venkataraman
President, Finance Club

“The mission of the Energy Club is to expose students to today’s challenges related to energy and to begin thinking of how to make the world more sustainable. Sustainable energy is the future and the energy club are helping students to ponder about that future.”

– Tejas Patel
President, Energy Club

“All the creative and fun-loving social enthusiasts are most welcomed to join us in helping build a vibrant campus experience for our fellow MEM-ers. Get to be part of the community and showcase your leadership skills through organizing various events throughout the semester.”

– Nandagopal Suresh
President, Student Activities Club

“Diversity and Culture Club aims to build a strong diversified environment within and even out of the MEM program. Preparing to embrace a world of different cultures, identities, genders, and opinions, people are also welcomed to DIY their own events, and we will make them come true.”

– Chenxi Zhao
President, Culture & Diversity Club

“The Communication Club endeavors to help each of you recognize your personal brands, by challenging the plethora of existing perspectives and celebrating your offbeat stories. If you guys are looking to put your creativity to game, know that we are looking out for you as well!”

– Varsha Rajan
President, Communications Club