MEM Program Development Committee

Joining the PDC

Joining the PDC is a fun way to get involved and engage with classmates and staff administration for a semester. There are a couple way in which you get involved:

  • Becoming a member of a club
  • Applying to a club leadership cabinet
  • Applying for a club president position
  • Applying for the PDC co-president

Club Membership

Club membership is open to all MEM students. At the start of every semester, clubs will generally hold a PDC fair or similar information session and will provide information for new students to sign-up for the particular club.

Club leadership cabinet

Club leadership cabinet is open to all MEM students. At the start of every semester, clubs will open applications for the available positions. The club president will review applications and interview selected students. Interviews are conducted in order to evaluate the overall fit and passion for the position. Based on the interview, the club president will select the leadership cabinet for his/her club. *Some professional clubs may have additional interview steps based on semester-specific club projects. 

Club  president and the PDC co- presidents

Near the end of every semester, members and cabinet members will have the opportunity to apply for the club president position for the following semester term. The process will be similar to the leadership cabinet application and interview process. Candidates selected for an interview will interview with the outgoing club president, outgoing PDC president, and a member of the MEM program administration.