MEM Program Development Committee

FinTech Club

The FinTech Club is the place to be for MEM students who are interested in pursuing a career in finance or have a general interest in finance. The goal of the club is to provide the opportunity for members to pursue different activities related to finance.

Professor Daniel Egger, Executive in Residence at Duke’s Master of Engineering Management Program, who lectures Computational Finance and Advanced Financial Engineering, talks about the important role of the Finance Club in the Program:

“The MEM Finance Club offers students opportunities to engage in activities that will help them understand what roles in the financial industry would suit them best, be better prepared for interviewing, and be more effective in a first finance job post-graduation. The club often has MEM alumni who come speak, and it is a great networking opportunity that complements classroom work. If you are interested in a career in asset management, investing and trading; or in investment banking or IT infrastructure for the finance industry, Finance Club activities will be enjoyable and useful to you.” – Daniel Egger

Examples of previous events include:

  • Networking with finance industry/alumni from Duke University
  • Workshops about different topics in finance not covered in the program
  • Weekly discussion at the club on global financial markets
  • Fun activities, such as Poker Tournament and Market Watch Competition