MEM Program Development Committee

Energy Club Projects

Nikola Power Spring 2018

Project 1:

Duke MEMP Energy Club, in collaboration with Nikola Power, is conducting research to create and analyze targeted market-entry strategies for the utilization of Nikola’s battery management system in the electric vehicle industry. The Duke MEMP Energy Club is focusing on the top 5 states in the industry: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Washington. Led by Pranav Lakhina, team members Sule Gonul and Alexis Matheus are focusing their research on three areas – Short Bus Market, EV infrastructure and Policies and Regulations regarding EVs.

Project 2:

Duke MEMP Energy Club, in association with Nikola Power, is conducting research on the competitive landscape in energy storage and solar project development space. Led by Rohit Kumar Gupta, team members Sree Vidya and Yvonni Damianidou are analysing various competitors in energy storage and solar space to identify important trends in this space as well as to provide market outlook.

Nikola Power Fall 2017

The Duke MEMP Energy Club, in collaboration with Nikola Power, conducted market research, identified market opportunities, and market entry strategy in the electric bus segment in USA. Led by Radha Mishra, team members Pranav Lakhina and Yi-Chen Lee analysed state-wise investment potential, tax credits, charging infrastructure, and other incentives for electric vehicles and crafted a list of Top 5 states to target. The other project team developed a study to identify market opportunities for the introduction of Nikola’s battery management system. The Club studied behind-the-meter market opportunities in the states of: California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Minnesota.

About Nikola Power

Nikola Power is a pioneer in the energy storage and solar space. They possess patented algorithms that are capable of revolutionizing the way storage technology is utilized in the Grid-tied standalone energy storage industry. In addition to the battery-management technology, they are developing their own projects and are partnering with local developers — the Nikola Power team is comprised of industry-leaders who have built over $250 million in solar and battery storage projects in the United States and the Caribbean.


ICF Spring 2017

 Duke MEMP Energy Club in collaboration with ICF is conducting a U.S market assessment to determine the technical potential for installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects at commercial buildings across the U.S. The project team is being led by Nitish Garg, and comprises of graduate and undergraduate students from the Pratt School of Engineering and the Nicholas School of Environment.

ICF Fall 2016

 Duke MEMP Energy Club in collaboration with ICF is conducting a U.S market assessment to determine the available opportunities for installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects at multifamily buildings. Led by Sreeram Bhargav Dhurjati, energy club members Meghal Chaudhari, Nitish Garg and Saket Agrawal are analyzing the energy use patterns of multifamily buildings across different states to determine the optimum CHP project sizing strategies.

 About ICF

ICF provides professional services and technology-based solutions to government, commercial and international clients. The company offers advisory and implementation services to its clients to help them conceive, develop, implement and improve solutions in strategy and policy analysis, program management, project evaluation, and other services. Its services primarily address four markets: energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure; health, human services and social programs, and homeland security and defense. The Company’s advisory and management consulting services include needs and markets assessment, policy analysis, strategy and concept development, change management strategy, enterprise architecture, and program design. Its implementation services include information technology solutions, project and program management, project delivery, strategic communications and training. More details can found at: