MEM Program Development Committee

Heath & Wellness

The PDC Health and Wellness committee is designed to promote health and wellness within the MEM community through fun and engaging events. There’s a whole lot going on at Pratt – from rigorous academic courses and the internship/career search to making a brand new set of friends and moving to a new place – but luckily we are all going through it together!

“When we as community members are actively caring for ourselves, the community becomes strong and healthy. There is no right way of wellness that can be applied to all people, but there are common elements to guide us. Our goal is for the Duke community to be one that encourages caring for each of our members” – DuWell

Examples of previous events include:

  • End of semester massages
  • Chapel climb
  • Aromatherapy for wellness
  • Puppy therapy
  • Build your own terrarium