Speed Science: A meeting of the minds

Speed Science Color LogoMany clinical and translational investigators at Duke would like to incorporate “omic” methods into their research, but lack the quantitative expertise to know what to do with the data. Many computational researchers develop advanced analytic methods, but lack high quality datasets to which to apply them. Speed Science brings these researchers together to make connections and foster collaborations.

Hour 1: Presentations over lunch

Each participating researcher will give a ~5-minute synopsis of his/her research interests, expertise, collaborative needs, etc. to all other participants as a group.

Hour 2: Follow-up and networking

Informal networking and 1:1 discussions building off what was presented in Hour 1

Friday, October 14, 12pm-2pm CANCELLED

For questions contact Sue Budinger, susan.budinger@duke.edu.

This event is sponsored by the Duke Translational Research Institute, the Office of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and the Duke Office of Clinical Research. Funding is provided by a grant from the Duke University School of Medicine.