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The Malaria Decision Analysis Support Tool (MDAST) project was created to provide practical decision support for the implementation of malaria control strategies, including both vector control and disease management. MDAST provides a platform for users to enter information about the state of malaria control in their community, to combine this information with current scientific knowledge about malaria and to analyze the potential health, social and environmental impacts of proposed malaria control policies.

The MDAST model uses a multi-disciplinary approach to malaria control by incorporating medicine, entomology, ecology, economics, risk analysis, and environmental science in a decision and implementation science framework.

The project is funded by the World Health Organization and the tool is jointly developed by Duke University, the University of Pretoria, and the Ministries of Health (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania)

MDAST User Interface & Control Portfolios

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Publications: View links to publications related to MDAST
References: View a list of literature used in the development of the model parameters
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