MBA Games Weekend: April 17-19, 2015

Every year, teams from top MBA programs across the country come to Durham to compete in a weekend of fun events alongside amazing Special Olympics athletes. You will have fun, you will be inspired and you will leave Duke with memories that will last a lifetime!

The 2014 MBA Games Weekend was a HUGE success! 12 teams and 30 Special Olympics Athletes had an amazing time in friendly competition indoors at Brody Gym. In total, teams raised over $87,000 for Special Olympics of North Carolina, and students and athletes made memories that will last a lifetime! The overall winner of the 2014 MBA Games was Rice!

Teams are comprised of up to 12 MBA athletes (please plan to send at least 10 team members), and will be given 2-3 Special Olympics Athletes as members of your team for the weekend!



We cannot wait for you to join us for this year’s event! Please register your team HERE by January 31st.

Logistics Info for Teams

All teams will be assigned a team liaison from Duke as their contact throughout the planning process and weekend.

Fundraising Expectation

Each team is asked to raise $3000 in order to be eligible to compete in the MBA Games Weekend.  100% of these funds will be donated to Special Olympics of North Carolina. All funds raised will be awarded points towards your total weekend score – the more you raise, the closer you will be to the MBA Games Championship! Thank You!


You will only be responsible for the costs of transportation to Duke (plane, train, automobile, rickshaw, segway…). We will house you, feed you (Friday dinner and all meals on Saturday), and provide transportation during the weekend.

If you’d like to play golf on Friday – we’ll make the tee time, but you’ll have to cover the greens fee at the Washington Duke Golf Club.


Most participants arrive on Friday. However, if you’re interested in a Thursday night social event or playing a round of golf on Duke’s outstanding Washington Duke Golf Course, please arrive in Durham on Thursday night for an early tee time on Friday morning.

Transportation from the airport (RDU) will be provided and coordinated between team captains and our liaisons. If you are driving to Durham, click here for directions.

Weekend Accommodations

Teams will stay at local apartment complexes close to campus and all the weekend’s events. Team captains will work with our liaisons to provide teams with accommodations and transportation.

Note: These apartments are donated to us and are unfurnished — please bring sleeping bags and/or air mattresses!


The final event is Saturday Night (banquet and night out), so plan to leave anytime on Sunday. We will provide transportation for your team to the airport.

Fundraising Ideas

In the past, teams have been really creative in fundraising for the MBA Games. We’d love to hear your ideas! Here are a few fun ideas that we have used:

  • “Around the World Party” – This is a theme party where several different apartments or houses host a progressive evening with unique international themes at each location. Mexico may have margaritas and chips & salsa; Japan may have sake bombs and mochi; while Iceland may have an ice luge and Viking theme.  Classmates can pay $25 per person to attend the party.  That should cover costs, plus provide a surplus that can be used towards your fundraising goal!
  • Chocolate/Dessert Progressive – Like the “Around the World Party” but with various types of chocolate or decadent desserts at each location.  Guests can pay a smaller entry fee and costs are generally lower.
  • Superbowl Squares – For a few bucks, individuals can buy numbered squares that correspond to possible Superbowl scores at the end of each quarter.  The winner receives a set cash prize and the rest goes towards fundraising.
  • Tips/Classes for a Cause – Some salons or bars will offer a time period where all the tips left by clients go directly towards a charitable cause.  Aveda Institute cosmetology school is one example of a place that does this – check to see if there is one in your local area! Also, some gyms or yoga studios will do the same by offering a class where the student fee (or a portion of it) goes to charity.
  • Graduation Housing “Auction” – At Duke, hotel rates skyrocket during graduation weekend and availability is scarce.  We have started raising money for MBA Games by “auctioning” off apartments belonging to first years to families of second years to use during graduation. First years are generally gone by then, and the fee of $500 or so for the weekend is a great deal for second year families!  The only cost is marketing and getting the apartments professionally cleaned before and after.

    Please contact Dustin Harris or Olivia Kupfer with any questions!