November 21, 2018

Where do we live?

Maxwellians live in the best location on West Campus!

Our section is Keohane 4D, which is connected to McClendon Tower and all its facilities. We have Bella Union at the top, with its tantilizing Thai Iced Teas and crispy selection of chips! McClendon 3 offers an intimate study space with spacious tables, plenty of outlets, and really comfy sofa-like chairs. For you musicians, McClendon 2 is now the Benjamin F. Ward music rooms, equipped with pianos, music stands, and great accoustics. Finally, the best place of all – the bottom floor of McClendon, Pitchforks (or Café Edens to some). You’ll find 60% of Maxwell ordering haystacks at any point after midnight. You get all of this without ever even leaving the building!

Most of our events will be hosted in section, unless stated otherwise. To get to Keohane 4D, take the right sidewalk from the bus stop into the slightly wooden area, until you see a wall with a staircase. Take that down one level and enter through the patio door!

We can’t wait for you to join us!