Registration for the 2016 Duke Math Meet has closed.  If you have any questions about registration, or anything pertaining to DMM, please contact, Justin Luo (, or David Geng (
As of November 6, we have expanded our cap to 47 teams; we cannot expand this any more because of our accommodations.  Please visit to view the full list of teams attending.

Here are the important registration details:

Due to the excessive ubiquity of T-shirts as a math competition staple, we will have string bags instead of T-shirts, so there is no need to fill in any valid T-shirt size information.
Each team is composed of 6 students.  Each club may send 2 teams + the number of teams they had in the top 10 last year, with a maximum of 4 teams.  The top 10 teams last year were: Carnage Middle School, Charlotte Math Club, Columbia Math Circle Flood, Columbia Math Circle Levee Breaks, NCSSM pi, NCSSM #, TJ A, TJ B, TJ C, and TJ D.
Each team must bring at least as many proctors as teams they are sending.  Formerly partial teams which have formed full teams send 1 proctor for the entire team of 6. Proctors do not need to be mathematically adept  :)
Teams with 6 members and a proctor are full teams, while any team with fewer, including individuals, are partial teams.  Partial teams will be put on a waiting list.   Partial teams looking for others to form a full team can enter their team and contact information on the google sheets page ( ; partial team coaches can contact others using the information in the spreadsheet.
Partial teams should not pay at this time.
Partial teams or teams beyond the school limit will be placed on a waitlist.  Partial teams can get off the waitlist and be finalized to participate if they have formed full teams in some legal manner, while teams beyond the school limit must stay on the waitlist.
Registration will remain open until 45 full teams or the date of October 24 has been reached.  While registration remains open, we will send you notifications as the field of teams fills up.  If after October 24 the cap of 45 teams has not been met, we will start accepting teams from the waitlist in chronological order of registration. We will attempt to group each partial team with another partial team of compatible size as soon as possible, unless you instruct us not to (in the registration form, or by emailing us).

A team is not considered fully registered until it has payed the $140 registration fee

Registration will cost $20 per individual and $20 per proctor, so $140 per full team.  Schools and clubs should use the credit card link in registration or mail a check made out to Duke University:

Mr. Wayne Williamson
Department of Mathematics
Duke University
Box 90320
Durham, NC 27708

This fee will cover breakfast, Jimmy John’s lunch, and a Duke Math Meet string bag.