Duke Math Meet

Duke Math Meet (DMM) is a regional mathematics competition for high school students held at Duke University every year. The contest is organized by the members of the Duke University Mathematics Union (DUMU), and is sponsored by the mathematics department. The DMM lasts for one day from morning to afternoon, during which the students have fun solving challenging mathematics problems, while making many new friends with contestants from other schools and states.

The 2017 Duke Math Meet will be held on Saturday November 4, 2017.  Registration has NOT opened yet.

Coordinators will be Justin Luo (justin.luo@duke.edu), Kelly Zhang (k.zhang@duke.edu)  and Remy Kassem (remy.kassem@duke.edu)

The 2016 Duke Math Meet was held on Saturday November 12, 2016.

It was coordinated by Justin Luo (justin.luo@duke.edu) and David Geng (david.geng@duke.edu)

Winning teams

  1. Thomas Jefferson D
  2. NCSSM π
  3. Thomas Jefferson B
  4. NC ARML Sub-team
  5. Enloe A

Top Individuals

  1. Joshua Lee   TJA
  2. Hahn Lheem NC ARML Sub-Team
  3. Aaditya Singh  TJA
  4. Lloyd Liu  NCSSM π
  5. Kyle Gatesman TJB
  6. Akshaj Kadaveru  TJA
  7. Jerry Zhao   Enloe

The date for the 2017 Duke Math Meet will be announced by the summer of 2017.

See registration instructions for Duke University Math Meet 2016 or go directly to registration page. If you are a returning school use your old login information to make teams/add members.  If you are new please contact us below to have your account created.

Contest Rules

Schedule November 12, 2016

Past Duke Math Meet Photos

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Past Duke Math Meet Problems

See a selection problems from past math meets from 2005 to the present. These may give students a good idea of what to expect at the upcoming Duke Math Meet.

Math Meet History