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Sexual Identities



This gives a list of terms related to asexuality and their definitions. Ace and Aro Spectrum Definitions



The Trevor Project’s main resource on bisexuality. Understanding Bisexuality

The Bisexual Resource Center has a lot of pages on bisexuality with lots of helpful information. Bi+ Info



Types of Attraction


This article helps to explain the differences between sexual and romantic attraction. Experts Settle The Debate Between Sexual & Romantic Attraction



Queer Relationships


The differences between gay and straight relationships. Gay Men’s Relationships



Pride Flags

Comprehensive pride flag resource. Includes history of the flags and meanings of the colors. Also gives descriptive definition of the identity. 50 Different LGBTQ Flags and Meanings Behind Them




This article explains heteronormativity, its basis, and some common myths associated with heteronormativity. 6 Myths of Heteronormativity that Could Be Wrecking Your Love Life

This explains compulsory heterosexuality and how it negatively impacts queer people and society as a whole. It takes particular interest in how compulsory heterosexuality generally affects queer women to a higher degree than other men because of intersection with misogyny and sexism. Compulsory Heterosexuality: What to Know



WLW Identity

This talks about the culture around the “girl crush” and on the difficulty for queer women to navigate the difference between a “girl crush” and being attracted to women. 5 Important Things to Remember When Your Girl Crush is a Crush Crush

A compilation of things originally from Tumblr, it talks about how societal conditionally can lead lesbians to believe that they are attracted to men. Discusses female sexuality and understanding your identity. Am I a Lesbian? Masterdoc