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Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum strives to create a pleasure-centered, trauma-informed, queer-inclusive, and socially conscious curriculum. It is queer run and has short blog posts on all topics about sex and surrounding sex. It addresses important conversations that traditional sex education doesn’t touch on. Queer Sex Ed



Teen Health Source has a section on queer sex ed. It has information on terms and identities and it addresses consent and body positivity. It also talks about types of sex that are not ususally discussed and provide information on practicing them safely. Queering Sexual Education



Some particularly important facts about queer sex. Talks about safety, how queer sex can be different, and being true to yourself. LGBTQ Sex Facts



Provides important information about how sex is different from the way media portrays it. Addresses common misconceptions and teaches important information on the topics. Queer Sex Myths



Information about sexual health, in particular pertaining to college students. Has information about safe sex and reproductive health. Sexual Health in College



Duke provides resources on sexual health, safe sex and STI testing. Duke Resources