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Selected Publications

“Terms of Endearment: An Equilibrium Model of Sex and Matching” with Andrew Beauchamp and Marjorie McElroy, Quantitative Economics, 7(1) (March 2016), 117-156

“What’s New with Nash-Bargained Household Demands?” Southern Economic Journal, 2002 .

“Carrots and Sticks: Fertility Effects of China’s Population Policies” (with D. Yang),American Economic Review, 2000.

“The Policy Implications of Family Bargaining and Marriage Markets”. Intrahousehold Resource Allocation in Developing Countries, 1997.

“The Emperical Content of Nash-Bargained Household Behavior,” Journal of Human Resources, 1990

“Joint Estimation of Factor Sensitivities and Risk Premia for the Arbitrage Pricing Theory” (with Edwin Burmeister), Journal of Finance, 1988

“Additive General Error Models for Production, Cost, and Derived Demand or Factor Share Systems,” Journal of Political Economy, 1987

“Nash Bargained Household Decisions: Toward a Generalization of the Theory of Consumer Demand” (with M.J. Horney), International Economic Review, 1981


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