Dr. Margeaux W. Marbrey – Principal Investigator

Dr. Margeaux W. Marbrey graduated with her Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of South Carolina where she developed an insatiable desire to answer relevant research questions. She then studied at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas in the laboratory of Dr. Francesco DeMayo. Dr. Marbrey developed unique transgenic animal models to understand the distinct functions of the progesterone receptor isoforms in early pregnancy and maintenance of the healthy reproductive tract. She determined that a decline of progesterone receptor A isoform levels was essential for embryo implantation. She also determined uncontrolled progesterone receptor B isoform levels can result in benign ovarian tumors. As the DeMayo laboratory relocated, Dr. Marbrey completed her PhD studies at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, where she made lifelong friends. For her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Marbrey trained under Dr. Kathleen Caron at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Dr. Marbrey investigated how the hormone peptide, adrenomedullin, promoted placental development, especially in the context of cigarette smoke exposure. Although Dr. Marbrey studied a variety of exposures including phytoestrogens, plasticizers, and cigarettes, she is most well known for her seminal studies on how e-cigarette vapors delay gestation. Her work at UNC was the first to show that e-cigarettes delayed gestation and implantation and caused chronic metabolic deficits within in utero exposed offspring. Dr. Marbrey received a prestigious K99/R00 Young Investigator Award to examine how e-cigarettes can impact pregnancy and fetal health. She started a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Division of Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Duke University School of Medicine in February of 2023. Dr. Marbrey enjoys physical activity, travelling, and frequenting diverse eateries. When Dr. Marbrey is not exploring new scientific ventures above sea level, she enjoys scuba diving the underwater infinite abyss.


Rennica Huang – Research Technician

Rennica hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Biology (Cell & Molecular Concentration) with Minors in Chemistry and French. In the Marbrey Laboratory, her research focuses on how compounds in e-cigarettes affect placentation and embryo implantation. If she is not in lab, you can find her hiking Grandfather Mt., top-roping Pilot Mt., and trail running!


Aanvi Somany- Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hi! I’m Aanvi and I’m from New Delhi, India. I’m a senior at Duke studying Biology and Psychology. I am interested in women’s reproductive health, and therefore joined the Marbrey Lab to research the effect of E-cigarettes on reproductive fitness. Beyond the lab, I like to travel, dance, hang out with friends and scuba dive!



Elizabeth Hagerty — Visiting Scholar

Elizabeth is a second year medical student at Campbell University and is excited to join the Marbrey lab team! She is planning to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, gardening, and playing with her dog and two cats.


Ayla Weiss — Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cameron Rankin — Doctoral Student, Rotation

Sofia Chodri — Research Technician

Morgan Orsolini — Doctoral Student, Rotation

Sasha Trainor — Undergraduate Research Assistant