Policy Reports & Economic Governance Indices

Malesky, Edmund (2005-2016). The Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index: Measuring Economic Governance for Private Sector Development. Final Report.  Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Hanoi, Vietnam

2005 to 2016 Reports

PCI Data

Jairo Acuna-Alfaro, Dang Ngoc Dinh, Dang Hoang Giang, Edmund J. Malesky and Do Thanh Huyen (2010 – 2013). The Viet Nam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index PAPI 2013: Measuring citizens’ experiences. United National Development Program: Hanoi, Vietnam.

2010 to 2016 Reports

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Malesky, Edmund. “The Provincial Business Environment Scorecard in Cambodia: A Measure of Economic Governance and Regulatory Policy.”  Prepared for AusAid, The Asia Foundation and the International Finance Corporation. Phnom Penh: Cambodia.

2009 Final Report

2006 Final Report

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