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Organic methodologies development and applications
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Umpolung Amine Synthesis

A traditional approach for the stereoselective synthesis of chiral amines via C–C bond formation employs the addition of nucleophiles to electrophilic imines. Although a number of elegant reactions have been developed

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The enantioselective assembly of compounds bearing allylic stereogenic centers is an important objective in organic chemistry, both because of their utility in downstream synthesis and because of their prevalence in natural products and bioactive

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The sensitivity of NMR/MRI methods is limited, due in part to the small thermal fractional magnetization of nuclei, resulting in a severe detection limit for abundant nuclei (e.g., 1H), a situation which is exacerbated for rarer isotopes, such as 13C and 15N


Xinxin Shao

Postdoctoral Scientist
Year Joined: 2017
xinxin.shao at duke.edu
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (Ph.D. 2015)
Postdoctoral scientist with Dean Toste at UC Berkeley (2016-2017)

Nathan Adamson

4th Year Graduate Student
Year Affiliated: 2015
nathan.adamson at duke.edu
College of Charleston

Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (2016-2018)
Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship (2018-2019)

Mikey Kwon

2nd Year Graduate Student
Year Affliated: 2017
kitae.kwon at duke.edu
Baruch College, CUNY

Melanie Lee

2nd Year Graduate Student
Year Affiliated: 2017
myoung.mi.lee at duke.edu
Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Chibueze Onyeagusi

2nd Year Graduate Student
Year Affiliated: 2017
chibueze.onyeagusi at duke.edu
Southeastern Louisiana University

Brandon Bui

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Year Joined: 2018
brandon.bui at duke.edu
Duke University (Class of 2020)