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MacLeod Speaking Engagements

In 2017/18, Dr. MacLeod is an invited speaker at the following events and locations: Seminar Series at Loyola University, Chicago, IL; Southeastern Immunology Symposium, University of Alabama Birmingham, AL; Seminar series at the Musculoskeletal and Bone and Joint Institute, Western University, London, Ontario (Canada), Annual Retreat of the Duke Radiation Oncology & Imaging Program and Solid Tumor Therapeutics Program (STTP) , Seminar series of the Duke MSTP, Duke Physician-Scientist Retreat

Dr. MacLeod gave a talk at the Experimental Biology Conference, ASPET 2017 in  Chicago, IL. Her talk was entitled Sensation of Ultraviolet Radiation-induced Injury and Contribution to DNA Repair by Skin-resident T Cells: The Role of Extracellular ATP and CD39’


Dr. MacLeod has been invited to give a talk at the University of California San Diego on  April 7th 2017.The talk was entitled ‘IL-27 is a Master Regulator of Wound Repair and Cutaneous Immunity’.

Dr. MacLeod has been invited to talk at the Duke Innate Immunity Group Symposium 2017, Durham NC June 17 2017.The talk was entitled ‘Innate immune functions at the skin barrier: implications in inflammation, repair and regeneration’.

Dr. MacLeod has been invited to present at the 75th Annual Society of Investigative Dermatology meeting in Scottsdale, AZ May 11-14, 2016.  Her presentation is entitled, ‘IL-27 facilitates skin wound healing through induction of epidermal proliferation and host defense.’

Dr. MacLeod gave Grand Rounds at the Duke Department of Dermatology on ‘Skin-Resident Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Mechanisms of UV-induced Immunosuppression’ on Feb 17th 2016.

Dr. MacLeod has been invited to the 2016 Keystone Symposia on Purinergic Signaling in Vancouver, British Columbia taking place January 24th-29th.  She presented her talk entitled “IL-27-Inducible ENTPD1 Suppresses Protective Skin-Resident Immunity Upon UV Damage and Inhibits DNA Repair.”

On December 2nd 2015, Dr. MacLeod  gave a seminar at the NIEHS IIDL seminar series “Mechanisms of UV-Induced Immunosuppression in the Skin.”

Amanda MacLeod, MD recently visited the University of Colorado Denver and gave two talks.  She was an invited speaker for the Department of Dermatology‘s Grand Rounds on October 5th and her presentation was entitled, “The Skin Immune System and its Role in UV-Associate Skin Cancer.”  She was also invited to the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine on October 6th and her presentation was entitled, “Immunological Determinants of Genomic Integrity in the Skin.”

Amanda MacLeod, MD recently spoke at the 2015 Pinnell and Skin Disease Research Center Annual Research Symposium in Durham, NC.  Her presentation was entitled, “Role of the immune system in the development of skin cancers.”