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Past Researchers

Peter Hoang

Peter joined the lab in the fall of 2016 as an Undergraduate Independent Study Student, and through his determined work ethic and ability to pick up techniques quickly, he immediately contributed to on-going projects with publication quality data. He graduated in May  2017 and  joined the lab for his gap year as a research technician before he headed off to attend Medical School.

Outside of the lab, Peter trains hard as an aspiring power lifter, and enjoys playing basketball with friends.


Melissa Harnois

IMM Rotating Grad student

Melissa rotates through the lab for her first IMM rotation. Melissa comes with experience in process development derived from her work at Juno Therapeutics from 2016-2019.  Melissa  is excited to learn more on cutaneous immunology.



Xin Ling, MD

Visiting Scholar

Xin is from China and joined the MacLeod laboratory in 2018  as a Visiting Scholar to embark on studies of the cutaneous immune response and gain translational research experience. Outside of lab, Xin enjoys traveling with his family. Xin returned in December 2018 to return to China and help his hospital move locations.



Dorothea McGowan

Regeneration Next Initiative Summer Fellow

Dorothea is joining the MacLeod lab for the summer to experience the fundamentals of a research lab, and how it relates to Regeneration Next Initiative’s goal of enhancing knowledge regarding tissue regeneration. Outside of lab, Dorothea enjoys visiting both National and State parks.



JM Pic

Jeff Maycock
Lab Manager, Research Analyst I

Jeff joined the lab in the summer of 2016, returning to academic research after stints with Pfizer, Life Technologies, and Enzymatics. His penchant for keeping things organized, his training in molecular biology, and his eagerness to support the lab and all of its members make Jeff an important cog in the MacLeod Lab machine. In 2017, Jeff joined UNC Lineberger Tissue Culture Facility  for a manager position. Congratulations!



Bin Yang, MD
Visiting Scientist (Huazhong Hospital, China)

A practicing dermatologist in his native China, Bin contributed his extensive knowledge and skills to the MacLeod lab from 2015-2016. His work focused on the contribution of immunological mediators of psoriasis, an auto-inflammatory disease. Now he is back in his hometown in China and treating dermatology patients.

When not working hard in the lab, Bin enjoyed running on the many recreational trails surrounding Duke’s extraordinary campus, and exploring different parts of the US with his son.


captureJi Won Kim, University of California, Davis
2016 SDRC Summer Undergraduate

Finishing up her NIH postbac program in Maryland and and matriculating to Medical College of Wisconsin for an MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science dual degree program! Way to go!!!






Headshot Michael Shih

Michael Shih
Independent Study Undergraduate, now Medical Student at Baylor College of Medicine!






Heather Larson, Fayetteville University
2016 Summer Mentored Research Awardee

Heather now works in the Miao lab in the same building of our lab!!!





captureRoberto Sanchez-Lagunes Jr.
Independent Study Undergraduate (IMM), 2015, Duke University (BioCore Program)





IMG_0601 (2)

Tameika Phillips, BS, ALAT
Lab Manager, Lab Research Analyst I

Tameika received a BS in Laboratory Animal Science from North Carolina A&T University and certifications including an ALAT (Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician), Laboratory Safety Coordinator, and Research Animal Coordinator.
At the MacLeod Lab, she completed a plethora of duties to make sure the lab ran smoothly.  She supervised, trained, and instructed residents, interns, students, and other lab personnel in laboratory techniques and procedures.  She participated in hiring and performance review of core staff. She assisted with writing and implementing laboratory protocols and SOP’s, and she performed laboratory assignments pertaining to mice.