Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Joanne Dai, Postdoctoral Researcher, Amgen

Joshua Messinger, Research Scientist I, Active Motif

Amy Hafez, AAAS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow

Nick Homa, Project Management and Clinical Pharmacology Specialist, Nuventra Pharma Science, Inc.

Alexander Price, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Weitzman Lab

Pavel Nikitin, Director, Immunome, Philadelphia, PA

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Karyn McFadden, Scientist, Antibody Drug Discovery, Amgen

Eleonora Forte, Senior Research Associate, Northwestern University

Alessio Bocedi, Researcher, University of Rome

Brent Stanfield, Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University

Research Scholars

Kim Ng, Pediatric Genetics and Metabolism Fellow, Duke University Medical Center

Undergraduate Students

John Lu, MD/PhD Student, Stanford University

Chris Chang, MD/PhD Student, University of California, San Francisco

Christina Salinas, Undergraduate, Duke University

Frank Cai, Consultant, Accenture

Lisa Grossman, MD/PhD Student, Columbia University

Christina Chang, Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego

Jing Guo, Consultant, Accenture

Katherine Hu, Lab Technician, University of Florida

Thera Lee, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota

David Tainter, Orthopedics Resident, Duke University Medical Center