February 3, 2022

Ashley Barry – Lab Manager

I am a NC native, born and raised outside of Charlotte, NC. I received my BS in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1994, and my MS in Physiology in 1997. As an undergraduate, I was an epee’ fencer on the UNC Varsity Fencing Team, and studied EBV in Nancy Raab-Traub’s lab. After receiving my masters, I moved over to Duke joining Michael Greenberg’s at HIV research lab. After getting married in 1999, I relocated to Atlanta to work with with Jeff Safrit and then Mark Feinberg at Emory University studying HIV, SIV, and the role of the innate immune system in tolerance of SIV in natural hosts. After seven years in Atlanta, I found my way back to NC working first on fusion inhibitors of HIV at Trimeris, and then on novel cancer therapeutics at b3 bio, inc. In 2013 I came full circle back to studying EBV joining the Luftig lab where I have been the lab manager ever since.

Outside of the lab my life is enriched by my husband, two daughters, and two very spoiled mutts. My favorite physical activity is tap dancing (a passion shared with my daughters); and I try to never miss adult tap class. I also enjoy sewing clothing primarily for my girls, but occasionally for myself. Cooking and baking is a passion shared by both my husband and me. The neighborhood book club is a gathering that I always look forward to and expands my love of reading.