Public Presentations

Singapore presentations (2019)

Workshop on using worship history for worship renewal today: Thursday session #1; Friday session #2; Saturday session #3

Handout for workshop: The apostle Paul’s major themes and the church year

Handout for workshop: passages on emotion in the worship of ancient Jerusalem

Plenary address on “Reflections on Contemporary Worship in Light of 2000 Years of Christian Worship”: text and PowerPoint


Hong Kong presentations (2019): An Ancient Way to Contemporary Worship: #1 (text and PowerPoint), #2 (text and PowerPoint), and #3 (text and PowerPoint).


Materials used in the workshop on Wesleyan songwriting, May 24-26, 2018, Indianapolis, IN

The PowerPoint overview

Charles Wesley’s songs we considered as examples



Presentations and links used in the IWS alumni seminar on the history of contemporary worship (June 19-20):

Presentations from June 19:

1.1 The Origins of Contemporary Worship

1.2 History of the “Contemporary Worship” term

1.3 The Shift in Language

1.4 Anaheim Vineyard Case Study

Presentations from June 20:

2.2 The Role of Psalm 22:3, Praise, and the Presence of God

2.3 The Role of Technology

2.4 And so? An assessment


Geico commercial and incorrect archaic English

Monty Python archaic language links #1 and #2

Monty Python vacuous language example

What if we talked to people like we talked to God? Prayer spoof

Kenn Gulliksen and Vineyard church on the beach



Here is my presentation on how ancient sacramental theology from Augustine and Leo I might be helpful for contemporary worship contexts. I delivered this on the morning of Tuesday, June 6 at Trinity School of Ministry in Ambridge, PA. And here’s the brief presentation contemplating the eucharistic consecration as a template for a song-driven order of worship.


Here is my presentation on the Bible and music at the National Worship Leader Conference in Centreville, VA on May 17, 2017. In it I made reference to two recent articles I had had assessing the content of the most-used contemporary worship songs. Here are those links:

“How ‘Pop’ Are the New Worship Songs: Investigating the Level of Popular Cultural Influence on Contemporary Worship Music.” Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith 3, 1 (2015). Available at

“Some Similarities and Differences between Historic Evangelical Hymns and Contemporary Worship Songs.” The Artistic Theologian 3 (2015): 68-86. Available at


And here is a manuscript for my plenary presentation on the morning of May 17, 2017 at the National Worship Leader Conference in Centreville. And here’s the accompanying powerpoint.


Here’s a short presentation on the meaning and significance of sacraments within Methodism for September 13, 2016. And here’s a short presentation on some basic regarding worship.  Here are the approved denominational order of worship with commentary as well as the Great Thanksgiving for Communion with a commentary, too.


I have updated the raw numbers comparing the 70 most-republished evangelical hymnody in America up to 1860 with the 114 songs that have appeared on the top-25 CCLI lists from 1989 through 2016 (including the August 2016 list).  Here is the list of songs.  And here are the numbers regarding naming practices for God and actions of God and humanity.


Here is my plenary presentation for the National Worship Leaders Conference in 2014.  And here is my workshop powerpoint on what worship leaders from the ancient church might say to worship leaders today.  It, too, was given at the National Worship Leaders Conference.



Here are new materials presented in June 2013 in Singapore:

Enriching Worship Regardless of Style

Worshiping in Truth

Worshiping in the Spirit

List of resources mentioned in Lester Ruth’s presentations

Perhaps Contemporary is Not That Contemporary I (Comparing hymns and choruses on nouns for God)

Perhaps Contemporary is Not That Contemporary II (Comparing hymns and choruses on divine and human activity)


Here are some older materials:

Wisdom from Charles Wesley for the Contemporary Songwriter (.pdf)

Remembering the Trinity in Your Worship Set (.pdf)

Contemporary musical settings for Charles Wesley texts (pdf list)