Lesson Plan #2

Lesson plan #2

60 minutes class


Class’ goals: Learn how to talk about recent past activities:

1) Practice Passato prossimo in daily contexts.

2) Understand the use of Passato prossimo in specific type of texts.

3) Use Passato prossimo in a writing task.


Warm-up: modal verbs (8 minutes). Students have to toss a ball. The student who catch the ball has to ask a simple question using the one of the three modal verbs (i.e, puoi venire da me? Vuoi mangiare? Devi studiare?). The students who gets it has to reply to the question (i.e., No, non posso!) and ask a new one. Students are provided with a power point slide showing examples and explaining the game rule.

Activity 1: Reading-writing activity – Engima poliziesco: Students have to solve a crime riddle taken from an Italian puzzle magazine called La Settimana enigmistica.

Pre-task: Students discuss the genre of the reading activity. A power point slide shows them questions and possible point of discussion. E.g. To which kind of magazine does it belong? What are these type puzzles for? Are they meant to divertire? Rilassare? Distrarre? Are they common in the US? (10 minutes)

Task: Students are divided in group of four. Groups’ members are shown on PP slide. Students have to read the mystery told in the comic strips and come up with a possible answer. As they read, students have to underline the past tenses and identify the corresponding infinitive form. Their answer has to be formulated by means of a complete sentence. E.g. L’assassino è X. perché … (10 minutes)

Post-task: Once students know the answer to the mystery, they are asked to write a small scene imagining the interrogatory scene that follows the end of the comic strip. The scene must consist of a dialogue between the detective and the alleged murderer and it has to revolve around question about the night of the murder. E.g, A che ora sei tornato a casa ieri sera? Che cosa hai fatto? Chi ha trovato il corpo? (12 minutes). Students hand their writing samples to the teacher.

Activity 2: Guess who? : Students have an handout with a list of six short captions in which people describe their previous day/night. On a power point, students are shown six pictures of different people. Students have to match the descriptions with the right person shown on the power point. E.g: The picture shows a group of friends on top of a mountain. The description says: “Ieri siamo andata a camminare. È il terzo giorno della vacanza. La mattina, abbiamo fatto colazione alle sei e poi ci siamo preparati per il trekking”; another picture shows a very sleepy girl in her pajamas. The description says “ Ieri Laura è uscita con i suoi amici. Sono andati al bar vicino casa e hanno bevuto molta birra..”.

Pre-task: students read the descriptions and underline the past tenses. The class together identify the infinitive verb. (5 minutes)

Task: Students work in groups (same as previous activity) to match the captions with the pictures. (8 minutes)

Post-task: The instructor asks to each group to provide the right match. The teacher also asks the reason why they are a match, using past tenses in the questions asked. E.g., Come avete capito che X corrispondeva a Y? (10 minutes)


If there is time left, students play a Kahoot on the past tenses of the verb used in the class.