Lesson Plan #1


Lesson Plan – 


Overall class objectives: Become familiar with vocabulary related to food, as well as with Italian Avant-garde. Practice partitives and their agreement with food vocabulary. Tell time and make appointments in Italian.


Reading activity – goals: Practice vocabulary related to food and learn about Italian avant-garde. Students work in pairs.

Pre-task: introduce students to the concept of « Futurism »: slides. (5 minutes)

Task: students read a short text taken from the “Manifesto della cucina futurista.”  (10 minutes)

Post-task: students answer the questions in the handout. They first discuss them in group and then with the whole class. (10 minutes).


Grammar activitygoals: Same group as with the reading activity. Students have to practice partitives.

Pre-task: students have to choose one of the Futurist recipes. (3 minutes)

Task: students have to write a dialogue following the prompt. (7 minutes)

Post-task: Students have to act out the conversation they wrote in front of the class, and the class has to guess which dish they chose to prepare. (10 minutes)


Oral activity – goals: Prepare a futurist menu for  aparty. Discuss an appointment in Italian: date and time of the party, express preferences, check availability of the organizers/guests. (15 minutes).