We each think, learn, and communicate in different ways. As a manager, how can you strengthen your ability to lead a diverse range of people?

Start by observing your employees’ strengths, preferences, and roadblocks at work. Take note of what kind of tasks people consistently raise their hands for, which ones they execute well, and which ones they struggle with. These tendencies are often subtle “neurosignatures,” or clues about how people think.

Next, assign tasks and projects that meet each person’s best abilities. Some people can persevere through a long-term, tedious task that requires extraordinary attention to detail, whereas others are better at generating creative ideas and leading people to help execute them. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to optimize each person’s skill set and set them up for success.

Finally, ask for frequent feedback, and be open to adjusting roles and responsibilities. Good management isn’t about changing how employees think—it’s about respecting their differences and making the most of them.

To learn more about empowering a team that represents a diverse set of skills, we strongly encourage you to review the articles that this tip was adapted from:

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