Lit 80, Fall 2013

Digitally Annotating the Graphic Novel

Digitally Annotating the Graphic Novel

For your Graphic Novel blog, you’ll be using to annotate pages from the graphic novel Daytripper. Szoter allows you to annotate images with text, shapes, arrows, and colors. You can then save your annotated images and upload them to our A_R Blog.

Here you’ll see my sample demo page: (click on the image to enlarge)


Assignment Specs:

  1. Find or upload images of the pages you’d like to annotate
  2. Annotate the images and/or the white space surround (you can choose how much white space to include) and then save your Szoter canvases
  3. Upload your annotated images to our A_R Blog

More details to come.

Huge thanks to Mark Sample who inspired our assignment with his Graphic Novel Tracing Project

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