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Daytripper Blog Post

October 17th, 2014 | Posted by Norma De Jesus in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

Daytripper portrays a story of life, a story of reality, a story filled with genuine emotions humans are subjected to experience.  The creators of this comic, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, know how to express human relationships and the way they affect the people involved. Every frame exposes the feelings each individual felt through important events in the protagonist’s life.


In this frame, the mother of the protagonist tells the son that his child is born. The background helps set the mood of the event.

Frame 1 Final

In this frame, the father is talking to his son about books. He is expressing his love for them and he is grasping his father’s take on why he writes.

Frame 2 Final


This frame shows the ending of their relationship. She is upset at the fact that she wasted so many years on him, and now she has made a final decision to leave him.

Frame 4 Final


This frame happens after the Brazilian woman leaves him. He feels left in the dark, forced to take in the realization that he has lost the woman he loved.

Frame 3 Final


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