Augmenting Realities Assignment Specs for Partnered #dh Project Critique


Using Shannon Mattern’s Criteria for Evaluating Multimodal Work, you and your partner will evaluate at least one of the projects below. You will briefly present your chosen project(s) and your critique in class on Wednesday. You will post your collaborative written critique to the blog as your Weekly Blog assignment for this week. Only one of you needs to post the critique but make sure both of your names appear on the blog. Beneath the title of your blog, add a line like “Collaboratively written by Jack and Jill” so as to give proper attribution to the joint authorship.

Pay close attention to the multimodal project evaluation criteria and how they are enacted (or not) in your chosen project(s). Your final project will be assessed on similar criteria. As we work through this critique, we will choose those assessment criteria we find most pertinent to our projects and these will become the criteria upon which your final projects will be graded.

Projects (some classics):





Or any of these Digital Humanities Award-winners 2012  and 2013 projects: