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Some thoughts on Google Glass – Cathy

November 12th, 2014 | Posted by Cathy Li in Uncategorized

One week no tech:





How does thinking about a week without technology help us reflect on technology?

For some people, one week without technology makes life more difficult because they are used to live with it. They might heavily rely technology to do their job, such as programmers, or they might socialize a lot online rather than in real life. So technology also makes people lazy and sometimes unable to finish basic tasks in our life (without it).

For others, one week without technology makes life simple as their life probably does not involve much technology. Not to mention learning to use technology can also be exhausting and in that case, people are catching up with the technology rather than making technology suit our needs.


One week without facebook massaging:



A digress to Oatmeal on Net Neutrality:

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