Eco Media Challenge

Today we move our scholarship outside (into ‘nature’) and beyond the classroom (to the public social sphere). Today your challenge is to participate in the local and global online conversations around environmental and climate change. Following our visit to the Duke Campus Farm, today you’ll explore the campus and local area to find examples of geoengineering, ‘terraforming’, and ‘nature’. We’ll discuss these next week on Tuesday in conjunction with our terraforming and geoengineering exercise.


  1. Create a Twitter or Instagram account if you do not already have one. If you already have one but would prefer to create a new one for this assignment, please feel free.
  2. Send me via email the Twitter or Instagram handle you’ll be using today.
  3. Explore! From 3:05 – 4:20, explore the campus (East, West, and Central) and/or spaces off-campus (Duke Forest and the Eno River are great if you’ve never been) and document your environmental findings. Find a new outdoor space, take a new look at a favorite place, or go on an afternoon hike with your eyes trained toward your surroundings. Post images of what you see to your Instagram or Twitter account using the hashtag #NaturesFutures290 + at least one of the following:


As you post your photos and selfies, take note of tweets or Instagram posts that are using the same hashtag. See if you can get someone (or many someones) to retweet or regram you. Accumulate at least 10 high-quality microposts before the close of the course period. Don’t forget to send me your Twitter or Instagram account before you start and don’t forget to use #ecolit290 so that your posts will be counted toward your total.