What role might permaculture play in designing nature’s future?

What role might permaculture play in designing nature’s future?

The concept of permaculture is so beautiful and refreshing because it is unique from the usual discourse that surrounds the topics of sustainability and climate change. Whereas most discussion about climate change and sustainability involves limiting our ecological impact through methods of reducing, reusing, and recycling, permaculture actually encourages us to impact our environment by renewing it and aiding the processes that occur naturally.

Permaculture could play a role in transitioning into a more sustainable future since it can be done at both smaller and larger scales. The principles of permaculture can be incorporated into spaces as limited as building rooftops or single home land plots and also to acres of degraded farm land. Moreover, it wouldn’t require very much money or expertise to get into permaculture on one’s own. The internet can be a very useful resource on this topic, with abundant information available regarding permaculture and sustainable gardening. Here is a guide to permaculture for beginners and here is a website with links to information regarding various aspects of permaculture.

The practices of permaculture are incentivized because they provide additional benefits in the form of food, as opposed to other practices that might provide mostly indirect benefits like improved water and air quality. If adopted on regional or national scales, permaculture could help mitigate the effects of climate change by improving overall ecosystem functioning, reducing atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and assisting in addressing issues of food security in impoverished areas.

Embracing permaculture as a lifestyle would lead us to greatly improve our ecological literacy by gaining in-depth, empirical knowledge of the natural processes that occur within ecosystems. My ultimate hope would be that permaculture would prove a rewarding lifestyle that people would gladly live and that we would help restore natural beauty and biodiversity onto the earth.

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