Numb…then alive

Numb…then alive

After experiencing the movie from Thursday’s class, I cannot envision a positive future for nature without permaculture. The solutions enacted in the movie opened my eyes to impactful, attainable change that anyone can participate in. They also instilled immense hope into my vision of the future, which is no small feat. My earlier blog posts describe my understanding of climate change as a catastrophic, irrecoverable disaster (see below).

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I personally did not care much about environmentalism at the start of this class. I recycled of course. However, with the constant recycling of dystopically infected news, I grew numb to the cause of the planet. Nothing meaningful seemed in my power. I was frozen with inaction by my fear of the inevitable.

The dialogue and articles we discuss in class began to thaw this ice. Learning about permaculture, however, has awakened my hope. I now feel that people have real power to help the world, be it through suburban gardens or green roofs. Permaculture fosters creativity in both humanities and STEM fields, so long as its heart bleeds green. This union of technology and humanity can breed hope for a mass of people. This hope, borne from the belief in attainable change, holds the key to nature’s future betterment.

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                            Permaculture from the EcoHouse project in Durham, NC

Permaculture excites. Permaculture builds beauty and sustainability for the long term. In short, permaculture enables big change. What more could we hope for out of nature’s future?

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