I consider myself an environmentalist. However, after all my experiences my relationship with the environment is very confused.

In some ways I subscribe to Muir’s Preservationist mindset – seeing beautiful places from my childhood slowly degrade by poor care and overuse.

In other ways I subscribe to Pinchot’s Conservationist mindset – seeing the power of connections to the environment and the effects the economic goldmine could have for humanity.

Underlying all my experiences, I see nature like a friend. Something that gives but should always be respected. Interestingly enough, this shares a lot in common with indigineous cultures values like New Zealand’s Maori. As an environmentalist – I think it is dangerous to treat nature as simply a resource or simply an untouchable diety.

The more people can experience nature in their own way – the better… Whether that be creating technology for its protection, adventuring through unexplored lands, or greening cities. Ultimately, people must be able to experience nature in their own way, if they are an engineer, poet or plumber.


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