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Thabit Pulak Final Project Abstract/Points to focus on

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Thabit Pulak in Uncategorized

Final Project Abstract- Points of Focus

Project: A practical proposal to save water in Edens 1C Dorm
What to consider:
* Analysis of the current shower head and toilet appliances in the dorm
* Lookup the current water consumption on the shower heads and toilets online
* Test the shower head water consumption via a bottle fill up test (to corroborate online information)
* Do a literature review to assess what typical water consumption habits in a dorm are like (i.e shower length, toilet usage, etc)
* Do research on affordable shower heads and toilet alternatives that use reduced water
* Perform calculations via excel with raw data first, and then synthesize into proposal to advertise potential water and cost savings

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