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This Week’s Links: From the March for Science to the Climate March

April 29th, 2017 | Posted by Amanda Starling Gould in Uncategorized

March for Science (April 22, 2017): Why They March: “Science and Scientists Are Now Under Attack” via The Intercept

Marching Scientists Will Have A Lot In Common With Angry ’70s Farmers via FiveThirtyEight

Our Climate Future is Actually Our Climate Present via NYTimes

16 Great* Things That Came Out Of Trump’s First 100 Days via Good Magazine

Did you catch Jon Jarvis, a forty-year veteran of the National Parks System (NPS), this week at Duke? You can watch his talk here:

Geoengineering plastic-eating bugs sounds brilliant, right? Not so fast: Plastic-eating bugs? It’s a great story – but there’s a sting in the tail via The Guardian

Caterpillars that can munch up plastic bags have just been identified, fuelling excited speculation that this could one day eliminate global pollution from plastic waste. The chance discovery, initially made by a scientist and amateur beekeeper whose plastic bag had been eaten through by the moth caterpillars, was reported this week by researchers at Cambridge University and the Spanish National Research Council. How thoughtful of nature to provide bugs that eat our rubbish. Is this the end of landfill, turtles with plastic-congested stomachs, and trees adorned with tattered ribbons of shopping bags Well, it’s never that simple, is it?…Breeding wax moth caterpillars to devour our waste sounds good. But they would attack bee colonies too, and ultimately put crops at risk”

Berlin has public refrigerators to reduce food waste and combat hunger! But…the government might shut them down: Berlin’s Public Refrigerators Were Just Declared a Health Hazard via The Atlantic CityLab

Remember the Sustainia Solutions Explorer? Now there’s a Sustainia Global Opportunity Explorer!

Because we love literature: Jeff VanderMeer & Cory Doctorow Discuss the Future of Sci-Fi & the World via Electric Lit

Climate March (April 29, 2017): We owe our planet this climate march. But we also owe it – very faint – hope by Bill McKibben via The Guardian

Happy Marching!

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