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Spring Break Links

March 11th, 2017 | Posted by Amanda Starling Gould in Uncategorized

Anthropocene Minerals

Rock solid evidence of Anthropocene seen in 208 minerals we made” via New Scientist

Plastiglomerate, the Anthropocene’s New Stone” an interview with Kelly Jazvac via Hyperallergic

Humans have caused an explosion of never-before-seen minerals all over the Earth” via The Washington Post

Climate Change and the Brain

Climate on the Mind” series via Grist

Your brain on climate change: why the threat produces apathy, not action” via The Guardian

This Is Your Brain on Climate Change” via The Nation

Technology, Waste, and Climate Change

Samsung and Greenpeace: what you need to know about e-waste” via The Guardian

“Greenpeace claims Samsung has 4.3m smartphones to dispose of after its Galaxy Note 7 recall. What’s the responsible way to recycle them?”

Greenpeace Closed Loop Manifesto & Campaign to “Redefine Innovation”

“We need gadgets as innovative for the planet as they are for our lives… The future is in our hands, let’s change it!”

The Restart Project

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