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Cereal in the Anthropocene

February 16th, 2017 | Posted by Barbara Lynn Weaver in Uncategorized

Cereal in the Anthropocene

Charlie reached into the cabinet,

He grabbed a bowl, a spoon, and the box.

“Chocolate Flavored Puffs: With Lots of Artificial Flavors and No Preservatives!”

Nothing to preserve if the chocolate wasn’t real to start with.

Charlie doesn’t know the difference.

He doesn’t have to decide whether to pour the milk first or the cereal (age old debate)

He doesn’t have to eat soggy cereal,

since there isn’t any milk to pour.

Charlie doesn’t know the difference.



Victoria Grant, Brandon Foreman, John Desan, Barbara Lynn Weaver

BREAKING NEWS: Government announces that energy budget for each citizen will be cut indefinitely, effective immediately. Wristbands will reflect the changes as of 8:00 am this morning. Make adjustments in your lives accordingly. No exceptions will be made.
A government controlled energy ration system. Each citizen is allocated a fixed amount of energy that is controlled by a wristband. They have to budget the energy for everything they want or do: electricity, transportation, food preparation, hospital visits, physical activity. The wristband has a modest, sleek design with a clasp that is nearly impossible to undo. The wristbands design does not inhibit anyone’s sense of style and makes it impossible for anyone to lose. Energy was once freely exchanged in the world but, now it must be conserved, even to the point on monitoring, and limiting physical actions.

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