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Reduce Your Trace: Lowering Your Digital Carbon Footprint

February 15th, 2017 | Posted by Amanda Starling Gould in Uncategorized

Eco-Tips for reducing your digital trace

Device Maintenance

  • Buy Conscientiously & Consume Selectively
    • buy energy-saver devices
    • buy repairable devices
    • buy used and refurbished devices
    • buy only what you need
    • buy only when you must
  • Optimize Charging
  • Optimize Device Life
    • treat your devices with care
  • Repair, Reuse, Re-make, and only then Recycle
    • check out iFixit, Instructables, and YouTube for DIY repair instructions
    • be sure you recycle responsibly using a reputable electronics recycling center

Online Activity

  • Reduce Streaming
  • Save Selectively: by reducing the amount of data you save, you reduce your carbon footprint
    • delete unnecessary data
    • save only what is needed
    • reduce over-redundant saving
  • Use Green Web Hosts
  • Design Low-Carbon Websites
    • reduce the load on your website (with carefully-chosen colors, lower-resolution images, deliberately-designed typefaces, and reduced interactivity) and you reduce the energy it consumes
  • Use Carbon-Neutral Search Engines like Ecosia (Ecosia also donates trees each time you search)
  • Try Tab for a Cause to make your tab-opening activities work toward making positive change
  • Try GoodBlock ad blocker, “the ad blocker with a purpose”




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