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Blog Post 2-Victoria Grant

January 27th, 2017 | Posted by Victoria Grant in Uncategorized

I was a bit rushed on giving my ecofeminism lesson so here is the through rundown. Ecofeminism is a word I have never heard before participating in this assignment. I have heard of the word feminist and would consider myself to be one but, how did eco fit with womens equality? After research, I see they are very much intertwined.

Ecofeminism came from womens interconnected sense of identity. The term looks at how the environment connects people of different backgrounds including: race, class, gender, etc. Themes of empathy, caring, and connection have been deep rooted in the movement which, oddly enough, already tend to be associated with women. Ecofeminist are people who look at eco-social and environmental problems and work to correct those issues. They fight for human justice, interspecies justice, and human-environment justice while other feminist environmentalisms ignore species question.

An ecofeminist action is to work towards detecting and correcting a problem as they occur; not waiting until people in high standards start to become affected. Ecofeminist argue policies and practices of economic, environmental, interspecies, and gender justice that offer more effective strategies for intervention and prevention of crisis. They are environmental social justice advocates who fight for the rights of all when the situation arises. The take home for ecofeminism is women get stuff done the right way the first time.

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