Getting Packages from Linux@Duke

We have a few ways to get your packages from Linux@Duke.  You can choose from any of the following to pick your departmental or user needs.

Public Mirror

We host a public mirror available at:  This mirror hosts several popular freely distributable distributions.  Packages and repo data on this host are directly copied from upstream at a minimum of once a day.  This mirror is available to the world, no just the Duke campus.  If there are other things you would find useful on this mirror, send a ticket over to “Systems-UNIX-OIT” and we’ll work on getting it in!

Duke-Only Internal Mirror

This mirror hosts the most recent 2 releases of CentOS, Scientific Linux and some other repositories used heavily around the Duke campus, including some packages that are licensed only to Duke.  To make sure you can more carefully predict your patch schedule, it is only updated early Monday mornings.  If there is a critical security patch needed, the updates could be pushed earlier.  Packages on this mirror are not altered to update your yum configs, the way the older Linux@Duke releases were, so make sure you are removing any unwanted /etc/yum.repos.d/*.conf files as necessary.  These packages are sync’d in weekly, starting at 2 AM every Monday morning.

The base of this repository is here:

Example Yum configs are here: and (Being retired)

These are the older Linux@Duke repositories.  Packages in these repositories are modified to point yum to the and  Historically, the packages in here were heavily modified, however there has been less of a need for that recently.  In general, the testing process on these packages has gone unused, so a community decision was made to retire it in favor for the “Duke-Only Internal Mirror”.  If you still have hosts on this system, please migrate over to the new method.

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