Scientific Linux 6 on Linux@Duke

The Linux@Duke release of Scientific Linux 6 is now up and ready for production.

Some things to note with this new release, relating to Linux at Duke:

  • AFS is now prepackaged by the vendor. This means that duke specific configuration changes will not be handled by the RPM. A working puppet module for this configuration can be found here
  • Duke hosted Shibboleth and VMware-tools repo files are included in the release, but they are disabled by default.
  • Updates for the Linux at Duke release won’t be broken into 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc., they’ll just be under ‘6’, which will be the latest stable release.
  • Instead of multiple boot.iso files for each release, I’ve put this one under cobbler management. To use the lad distro, you can download and boot this iso file. This will give you a prompt for which version you want to install, along with a minimal kickstart pointing to the right repos. Other distrobutions are included in that ISO, but only SL-6 has been tested. If you have control over how your boxes DHCP/PXE boot, you won’t need an ISO file, just point next-server to ‘’ and file to ‘/pxelinux.0’.
  • For Epel/Addons/Shib/etc, instead of labeling the repos as ‘centos’ or ‘sl’, I’m going to start renaming those to ‘el’, to keep them more generic, and hopefully less confusing.
  • Not all of the packages available for the 5 release have been rebuilt for 6. I’ll be doing that now though, so you should see the release announcements start flowing in the same way other package updates are announced.
  • Documentation on this site for the new release will begin rolling out this week.

Let me know if you have any issues!