Researchers at Duke University are conducting a research study on emotion regulation and depression in adults age 35 to 75.

The goal of the study is to determine how emotion regulation changes over the adult lifespan and how the ability to regulate emotions relates to depression symptoms.

If you have been feeling down or depressed most of the day for the past two weeks or more you may qualify. Participants will attend visits at Duke University Medical Center and will receive compensation.

What is involved?

2 to 3 visits to Duke University Medical Center in the first month:
  • During the 1st and 2nd assessment visits, you will complete a mental health interview, cognitive tasks for memory/general thinking ability, computer tasks, and questionnaires. These visits will take up to 7 hours in total. The 1st visit can be done remotely.
  • 3rd visit will take up to 2 hours and include an MRI scan.
Online questionnaires to be completed 6 and 12 months after the last visit. Participants will receive compensation after completion of the in-person visits.

Do I qualify?

You may be eligible to participate if you are:
  • Age 35 to 75 years
  • Have felt down or depressed for most of the day, nearly every day for at least the last 2 weeks
  • Not currently taking medication related to mental health or have been on the same dose for at least 4 weeks with no plan to change the medication and/or dose
  • No history of a brain disorder or disease e.g. seizures, dementia, stroke

Why participate?

  • Help others by increasing understanding and assisting in the potential prevention and treatment of depression
  • Receive compensation
  • Study results will be available to research participants at the conclusion of the study