Print SMS from Android mobile with SMS EasyReader & Printer

SMS EasyReader is a brand new SMS gateway for Android mobile users, enabling users to send mobile messages and print SMS from Android to all the mobile phones in their address book directly from the phone and without an app.

Here are the main features of SMS EasyReader

  1. Users can choose any of the several sending channels: Phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Mail. All of them have the same free-text field.
  2. Users can choose the required destination by entering the full URL to the text message recipient.
  3. Users can receive messages from any phone number via Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS or email. All of them have the same free-text field.
  4. Users can also receive messages from any number via SMS (the same free-text field).
  5. On the receiving end, the message will appear as a notification on the recipient’s phone, or if he/she has installed this app, it will automatically be displayed on the gadget’s home screen.
  6. The message will have a unique ID and can be forwarded to any number by using the ‘Mail’ channel.

In addition, users have to click on the ‘Send’ icon to proceed with the operation.


The SMS EasyReader & Printer is in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded and installed on any Android phone. 

The app provides three levels of security: through QR code, device identification and PIN code. A user has to unlock the SMS EasyReader app with the PIN to proceed with any of the SMS sent. 

A user can also see the number of messages sent to other users on the status bar of the receiving device.

Print SMS from Android mobile with SMS EasyReader and printerEasyReader, built for affordable printer and SMS tools, is now available as an open source project.

SMS EasyReader was developed in a short time frame in 2013 by the team behind SMSEasyReader, a plugin for popular web-based text editor XE3. 

It now serves as an Android application for all SMS clients including Google Talk, Telegram, and almost any other chat app, and more.

Brought to Android by low-cost SMS hardware provider, Cota Communications, SMS EasyReader provides a full-featured, customizable, and open source SMS tool.

SMS EasyReader provides a lot of power for browsing and searching, editing, encoding, and sending text messages from mobile devices without any internet connection. 

You can use the app on a networked or rooted device to communicate with other users over any internet connection, though the website says a network is required to be able to send photos.

Users can send photos and videos as text messages, and the app has a filter to search for text messages with attached images. 

A library of emoji can be used in place of photos and videos, with icons that can be used to respond.

SMS EasyReader can be downloaded from the Android market as free, or as a paid-for version with extra features. Both can be sideloaded to a device’s apps, and various repackaged versions have been posted online. 

It is open source and community driven, so contributors are invited to get involved and update the source code.

SMS EasyReader is available as a free download on the Android market from Cota Communications.

Easyreader is one of the best sms printer apps available nowadays in the market and you are really gonna love it once you use it your life.

So now you can use print sms from android very easily.

There are many alternatives apps available in the market but still didn’t beat the easyreader you know why because they don’t have any knowledge of how it really works.

And I hope that you will like this informational guide about easyreader.

Thank you for reading

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