Open Lab Positions

Postdoc Position

An NIH-funded post-doctoral research position is available in the laboratory of Seok-Yong Lee at the Duke University School of Medicine to study the structural and mechanistic basis of membrane transport processes. The lab’s current research focuses on three membrane transport processes: Ca2+ permeation in somatosensation, drug/metabolite transport, and polysaccharide transport in microbial cell wall synthesis. The Lee Lab applies a broad multidisciplinary approach to examine these processes using structural (cryo-EM), biochemical, biophysical, chemical biology, and computational methods. The successful applicant will work on advancing our mechanistic understanding of somatosensation into broader biological contexts.

This is a great opportunity for talented biochemists/structural biologists interested in linking structural biology to sensory neuroscience who enjoy being embedded in a scientifically diverse and highly collaborative group. A strong background in either cryo-EM or membrane protein biochemistry is a plus, but not required.

Interested candidates should send their application material, including CV/resume, list of publications, a statement of research interests as well as the contact information of three references, to