Week 3 Reading Questions

The University has stripped Julian Carr’s name from the East Campus building that bore it for nearly 90 years. The change comes four years after Duke renamed Aycock Residence Hall on East Campus because of its namesake’s history and amidst a national conversation about removing Confederate or racist memorials. 

Reading Question: How have you seen Duke’s history represented on campus, if at all?

  • Renaming of the Carr Building to the Classroom
    • Duke’s ties to a white supremacist, honestly didn’t know that coming in
    • Biggest debate on campus I’ve seen about how Duke represents its history
  • Part of a larger trend across the U.S to confront harmful monuments and iconography

Questions for next week: What other racist monuments or memorializations has Duke confronted – or failed to confront? How has it dealt with more contemporary controversies (Richard Spencer, etc)

The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil has seen many different iterations over the years, but it has never lost its iconic touch as a Duke symbol on campus and beyond. Pictures from the archives allow us to see the evolution of the Devil, especially the way students have adopted it as an athletic mascot and a way to express the Duke spirit in times of competition or in times of camaraderie.