Podcast: The former U.S. Ambassador to Russia speaks to the LENS Conference

One of the highlights of the 28th Annual National Security Law Conference was the terrific “fireside chat’ with Ambassador John J. Sullivan, the former US deputy secretary of state and former US ambassador to the Russian Federation. 

Amb. Sullivan

Ambassador Sullivan is currently a partner at the law firm of Mayer Brown, and spoke about “Public Service, Private Practice and National Security.”

Mr. De

Moderated by my friend and Mayer Brown partner Raj De, you’ll hear the Ambassador outline his amazing journey through various government posts (including as Deputy General Counsel of the Department of Defense) to the ambassadorship.

What is especially interesting is how private practice worked into the Ambassador’s career path.  You’ll hear fascinating vignettes from his distinguished service as a lawyer both in and out of government.  There is plenty for aspiring national security lawyers wanting to emulate his success to take notes about!

But whether you’re an attorney with decades of experience, a military member, or a civilian interested in government, international relations or national security, you’ll find something of interest in the Ambassador’s remarks.

He relates some experiences as our Ambassador to the Russian Federation.  He also shares his perspective on Putin, and offers his candid views on a number of current issues.

You’ll enjoy this presentation not just because of the Ambassador’s fascinating insights, but also because of his very personable manner and engaging style of speaking.  The time will fly by!  Again you can watch/listen here.

Remember what we like to say on Lawfire®: gather the facts, examine the law, evaluate the arguments – and then decide for yourself!


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